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Mining Chain Connectors

JDT has developed connecting links for use with many types of mining chain. Their connectors are a result of in house design, and are subject to an ongoing development program. This program looks at all aspects of the connector, from the choice of raw material to the final quality control procedures.

The connectors are all made in house. All forging, machining, heat treatment and quality control are performed at the JDT plant in Schwerte, Germany, to better insure that the final product is able to withstand the rigors of the mining environment.

JDT offers two basic styles of connecting link:

Theipa Flat connector meets the requirements of DIN 22258 – 1. This connector when used with round link chain can be used in either the vertical or horizontal orientations. When used with flat chain it must be used in the horizontal plane only.

The Theipa Block connector meets the requirements of DIN 22258-3. (The Broadband Chain and Power Chain Versions are based on the same design concepts but are not part of DIN 22258-3.) This connector must be used in the vertical plane only.

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