THEIPA Point | THEIPA Point Special

Grade 10 Enorm material allows an increase in working load limit of 25% without increasing swivel size compared to TAWGK.

Easy to attach or dismantle due to the forged hexagon shaped body of the swivel.

Crimpfeature on the link prevents the link from kinking.

Both internal and external surfaces are protected against corrosion by a tough galvanized coating

Swings 90° / Rotates 360°

Secured four times against breakage in all load directions.

Rotatable under load.

Marks on the swivel give a clear indication of inclination angles.

Additional ball bearing system allows for smooth swiveling under load.

With the new WLL tables, you can measure disposal state.

Improved swivel to surface contact due to special machining. All thread versions are available on request TAWGK.